In 1999 two designers – one Swedish, one British – started working together as consultants to the Swedish furniture industry. Together, Magnus Elebäck and Chris Martin took on big league clients, and then ten years later decided to launch their own furniture design and production company, Massproductions.
The two designers, sharing vision of functional, elegant, modern design, decided to break free of PR-driven product strategies to create a modernist furniture company focusing on the interplay between object and context. Massproductions alludes to the beauty of efficient, sustainable, high quality industrial production. By working closely with the engineers and machine operators at their production facilities, the company ensures the integrity of their vision down to every cut and bend.
The debut product was the Tio chair, which earned rave reviews, awards and well-respected clients. The commitment to quality, function and what Chris Martin calls "obvious design" won the approval of the cognoscenti,
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